What are the properties of bhringraj oil?

Bhringraj oil is a cosmetic often used in Indian traditional medicine – Ayurveda. It has beneficial influence on both hair and skin. Additionally, it improves proper functioning of the body. Check yourself what are the miraculous properties of bhringraj oil and how to use it. Your hair will surely appreciate such treatments.

hair.jpgWhy bhringraj oil is so valuable?

Bhringraj oil contains many natural ingredients. Among others, we will find vitamin C, antioxidants and colourants. Therefore, bhringraj oil is so willingly used in Indian medicine and in contemporary cosmetology. What are its most important properties? The product perfectly cares for every type of hair and scalp. Additionally, it delays ageing processes, prevents excessive hair loss, prevents premature greying and strengthens hair roots. Moreover, bhringraj oil is a natural sunscreen. It also protects hair from heat generated by styling appliances. What is more, the cosmetic improves the overall condition of both hair and scalp. Makes strands become resilient, deeply moisturised and nourished.

How to use bhringraj oil or powder?

Bhringraj offers a variety of use. It works perfectly during hair oiling, as a hair mask, a component of natural hair dyes and as a macerate. How to prepare hair mask with the content of bhringraj? Combine 100 grams of powdered plant with 300 ml of water. Make sure to blend it well. Apply the reparation on your hair and wash it off after several dozens of minutes. Bhringraj darkens the shade of your strands , so if your hair is blonde, wash it off after only 15 minutes.

The powder of this plant works perfectly as a hair dye. It darkens your wisps, however, the effects are not as durable as the effects of amla. Bhringraj contains lawson – which is why it maintains indigo – a dye that gives hair dark blue shade. Additionally, this plant provides your wisps with nourishment and healthy shine.

What is more, bhringraj is a great component of macerates. You only need 25 grans of powdered plant and mix it with a natural, organic oil (100 ml). Remember that the oil must be cold pressed and cannot be refined. Leave such preparation aside for about three weeks. After the desired period of time, drain the mixture and place it in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container. Use it at least once a week; rub it in your scalp and hair.

How to oil your hair with bhringraj oil? Apply the product on hair, hair ends and scalp. If you want you hair to be truly beautiful and healthy, put on a plastic shower cap and a warm hat. Thanks to this step, the components contained in oil will be absorbed much more quickly. After a few hours, wash your hair thoroughly with a gentle shampoo and leave your hair to air-dry.

Do you know that…

Bhringraj is pften used in cosmetics. It has darkening properties, therefore, it is willingly used as a self-tanner. It changes its colour to light brown and does not leave any orange stains or streaks, as chemical products sometimes do. Unfortunately, the effects of tanned skin do not last long.